These unique miniature pet sculptures are created using a technique called needle felting. The sculptures are formed using a variety of fine barbed needles, developed for industrial felting, and 100% wool fibres, including Shetland, Corriedale and Alpaca. I have also used other fibres for accent colour and texture, including silk and Bactrian Camel hair

The process involves matting the wool together by poking the needles through the fibre hundreds of times. As the needles pass through, the fine barbs gradually compact the wool together and detailed shapes can be formed.

These sculptures range in size from 2" to 6" and can take anywhere from 10 to 30 plus hours to complete.

Meet some of the real pets . . .

It gives me great joy to work with my paints and try to capture in a portrait the distinct qualities of these beautiful animals. They are all unique spirits that I am so fortunate to know and love. The paintings are acrylic on canvas and range in size from 11" X 14" to 24" X 30".

Marie Bartholomew

Please visit my News page to see progress photos of the Headwaters Parade of Horses painting!

Flower Paintings

My flower paintings are detailed studies featuring one individual flower, or compound flower group. The paintings fill each canvas with rich colour and detail, showing off the spectacular beauty of each individual blossom.

These beautiful flowers are from my garden, or the gardens of my friends and family, and all have a special meaning for me. The paintings are done in acrylic on canvas measuring from 18" X 24" to 48" X 36".